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You may have heard about Mayflies in books or maybe in some quotes. What’s about mayflies that these mere insects are seen with an artistic eye.?
Mayflies are insects that have an interesting lifespan. A female mayfly can give birth to 50 -10000 eggs in one go.She mostly chooses fresh water to do so.The eggs hatch within two weeks after which the second stage of the mayfly starts i.e the nymph stage. In this they stay in larvae state for over an year. After nymph stage is completed they shed their skin to became sabimago in approx 30 seconds. After sabimago they shed some more skin to get their wings and this state is called imago.As soon as they change to imago they hunt for mating.Mating is completed on wings. They live as long as they mate after which the females lay eggs before dying. Male can mate upto a day or two after which they die too. Quite strange right.? Are these insects just born to mate and die🙄

Japan is the largest consumer of Tuna fish. Tuna is mentioned frequently as a food item in many novels. The reason for their popularity is that they have both cheap and expensive varieties. Around World War II and Great depression they were plenty and this became the reason for their excessive use. The Blue Fin tuna shown in images is quite in demand.
Trojan Horse

You must have heard this expression Trojan Horse in many series/movies/books. This expression is said to be dated back to greek times where they made a wooden horse to deceptively defeat the city of Troy. Many soldiers were packed inside the horse and brought to the city of Troy only later to destroy it completely. Now-a-days Trojan virus etc are also common.
There are about 3000 species of snakes on this planet and only 200 species are capable of killing or significantly wounding a human. They are cold blooded and control theri temperature externally. They lay eggs except sea snakes. There are five species of snakes that can fly.