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Laws of love

This is a short book by Himanshu Goel depicting the laws of love. Although it is a short book with only quotes, yet it contains the charter of the most mysterious emotion of the world.When there can be laws of nature, laws of science than why can’t there be laws of love? Let’s read about a few laws of love. I’m sure you will relate to them and would be happy to read them.

Before we become lovers, we must learn to be friends. And before we befriend, we must learn to be strangers.

Don’t let me be lost in the crowd. There will be many suitable suitors, but I will mark my heart for you.

They say only fools believe in love that is true and only Fools dream. then we’d rather be fools than not love and not dream.

Aren’t we all chasing those damn butterflies that warm blanket in the coldest of days when we catch them we have found our love.

When our words run out and silence is the most comfortable sound. We will know we are ready.

Let me warn you darling. I am a little hard to love at first sight but by the 52nd one, I promise I will make you fall for me.

I know you are waiting for that perfect moment. But this time don’t count on the flowers to bloom and don’t rely on the Stars to align. I know you are waiting for that. Perfect moment, but don’t wait too long.

One day you were not there and then I could not take another day without you.

You must call me by my name not the one that is known to everyone but the name that belongs to you.

And love will come in a thousand ways through a thousand paths in seasons and storms but don’t worry. There is no such thing as a never-ending winter and a rain that never stops.

When snow lands on our Kingdom prepare for war bring your swords and daggers for there will be battles against the world and against each other.

In Monsoon throw away our coats and your black umbrella and let the cold red rain seep into our hearts.

Don’t let our love be a cage. I have been in enough prisons through my life already.

When dusk escapes us a night falls, we will fight shadows and ghosts of our past together.

Don’t hide your flaws from me your subtle quirks, your dark corners Little Treasures of discomfort. I love them more than you can imagine.

These lips never learn to move the right way, but don’t worry a true love’s kiss is only between the souls.

It was easy for you to love me even with my quirks and flaws, but I will need your help to learn how to love myself.

When we go to the mountains into the woods throw away your camera into the lake. I won’t need pictures to remember the moments we create.

While love might satisfy our hearts, our souls will need art to survive.

Whisper secrets to me the world will never know. Whisper truths to me in this world of liars.

We don’t have to be alone the lonely Moon, the calm sea and a birdsong and unsung lullabies. There are many allies of love.

 Just like coffee. You became an addiction. I could not Escape.

If the time has come, we must learn to be whole you we must learn to be friends again and then back to strangers.

Love is in short supply and doubts Run Deep. tomorrow is a million miles away and sleep takes forever to arrive.

Love don’t die easy. Like a supernova gone ashtray it burns Way Beyond the skin love don’t die easy, but lovers live on.

If our paths part let time cure the kind of pain that painkillers can’t heal.

And things are almost over your friends try but they don’t get it, do they? But alone is dangerous sea where you will drown please then swim and talk to me.

Words of love that once flew like free birds in the spring now take days to utter.

What if Shakespeare was right and maybe our truth Was Written in Stars that were cross crossed?

Screw Shakespeare and screw the skies our love, our truth even the Stars can’t deny because you are worth the happy ending.

The Ever After wasn’t happy at all. The Ever After wasn’t like the dream. I had the Ever After wasn’t magic that ever after wasn’t my fairy tale the Ever After wasn’t happy at all. Oh, but it was so much more.

I hope you enjoyed reading these beautiful Laws of love.Happy reading!!!


  1. Seldom, I find a piece that I feel I must read out aloud because I know that I will like the ring of it. This post of yours was exactly like that! Truly wonderful and from the heart! 🙂


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