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Panchatantra is a collection of short stories written in Sanskrit by Vishnusarman / Vishnu Sharma. Panchatantra means ‘the five doctrines of conduct’. In this beautiful collection animals are used as characters to teach children the value of friendship, knowledge and hard work. These stories were a part of our growing up, but we tend to forget these as the time flows. This blog serves as a refreshment to the basic morals we were taught as children and we must keep with ourselves throughout our lives.

A mind that cannot judge on its own believes a lie to be truth.

Once, there lived a Brahmin in a village by the river Ganges. He was a religious man and earned his living by offering prayers in another people’s home. One day he received a goat as a present for his services. He got very pleased and carried the goat on his shoulders to walk towards his home. He started thinking how happy his family would be to see an additional member to the family. While walking through the lonely forest, lost in his thoughts he didn’t notice that three thieves were following him. The three decided to fool him and take the goat away. Soon they came up with a plan. First thief went to the brahmin and asked him” Dear Holy man why are you carrying a dirty dog on your shoulders?”. Brahmin looked at the goat and condemning the first thief he went ahead. When he travelled a little more, he heard another man talking “Dear Holy man why are you carrying a dead calf on your shoulders?”. Brahmin got puzzled and had another look at his goat. On confirming that it is still a goat he shouted at the second thief and went on. After travelling a little more, a third thief came running towards the Brahmin and told him to Stop. He said, “If people see a holy man like you carrying a donkey over his shoulders, they will think you have gone mad.” After listening to him Brahmin got confused and thought that something must me wrong. He thought that this is not a goat but a monster who keeps changing its form. He left the goat in the forest and ran away. The three thieves picked up the goat and left the forest laughing at the Brahmin.

The true nature of a man cannot be hidden for long.

In a jungle, there lived a Jackal. One day he was attacked by the dogs and to save himself he hid in a nearby house of a washer man. He jumped into a vat placed in front of the washer man’s house. There was blue dye inside that vat and the jackal came out dyed in blue color. Nobody recognized him once he came out of the Vat. Everybody thought him to be some new kind of creature. He went to the pond to see why everyone was respecting him. As soon as he saw his blue reflection, he understood that he is now a blue jackal. He told everyone that he was sent by God to be the new king of the Jungle. All the animals believed him and started respecting him. One day he heard howling from a pack of jackals and couldn’t resist himself and he howled in response. Hearing that everyone understood that he has been fooling the whole jungle. They attacked him and tore him to pieces.

Think before you act.

Once there was a tortoise and two geese that lived in a pond. All three of them were friends and lived there from many years. One summer drought came, and their pond started drying up. The geese decided to leave the country and fly to some other place. The tortoise begged them to not leave him alone. But tortoise couldn’t fly. So, they came up with a risky idea. They warned the tortoise of the consequences. They got a stick and held the ends of the stick with their beaks. The tortoise was to hold the middle of the stick tightly. The only condition was that if he spoke, he would fall and may die instantly. The tortoise promised to be quiet. Next day they took flight. The other geese and people saw them carrying a tortoise and started commenting that what fools are they to carry a tortoise with them. Listening to such comments the tortoise was unable to hold on his temper and busted out on them. But as he spoke his words he fell from a great height and died.

There are many other stories like these which are easily available as children’s comic book or over internet. These may be short, but they provide us with most valuable lessons in life. Go through them and enjoy the pleasure of reading.

Happy Reading!!!


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