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Read Part I, II, III to follow up to this last part. As soon as Marilyn read Millers diary she was immediately sent into a state of deep depression. She was treated by none other than Anna Freud, daughter of Sigmund Freud. After stunning analysis by this famed psychoanalyst, it was concluded that Marilyn is suffering from Paranoid schizophrenia. After learning her state of mind, Marilyn’s fears of ending up like her mother began to crawl up. She drew her full attention towards making a happy family and to not end up being in an institution. Shortly after moving into a new house with Miller she discovered that she was pregnant. She always wanted to be a mother and now she viewed the child as a potential glue to keep her marriage intact with Miller.

However hard we may try, sometimes things just don’t end up the we plan. The same happened to Marilyn but for the worse. On August 1, 1957 her another pregnancy had eluded her. It was found that she was suffering from a dangerous form of ectopic pregnancy and the embryo would have to be removed. After coming back from hospital, she couldn’t cope up with her loss. Her state of mind became more erratic. She overdosed on sleeping pills and passed out on the couch. When Miller saw her, she was completely motionless. He however took her to the hospital and saved her life. When asked about her suicide attempt, she defended by saying:

I didn’t try to commit suicide. I just took too many pills.

After this incident she tried to make a comeback and focus on her work. She managed to score what would be her greatest role of all in “Some Like it hot ” She was doubting herself while playing this part however her doubts were clear when she won the Golden Globe for best actress in a musical comedy. In 1960 she started working on a film called Let’s make love. But it was getting difficult for her to find a lead man as given to her reputation the actors felt that it was difficult to work with her. Somehow the cast was finalized. But Marilyn’s drug situation was getting worse day by day. It is said that her dressing room looked completely like a pharmacy with all manners of anti-depressants, sleep aids, and tranquilizers lined up on the shelves. She was so paranoid that she always felt that the FBI was tapping her and there may be listening devices planted all over her dressing room.

As the film continued, she started an affair with the leading man Montand. This affair lasted for about six months. However, unlike Joe her affairs didn’t made any concern for Miller. He just didn’t seem to pay any heed. After the film came to an end her lover Montand gave a clear statement in the press that Marilyn was like a school crush for me. I didn’t think anymore of her. If she did, I’m sorry. But nothing will break my marriage. Such unexpected comments from him made her life more painful. She later started working for The Misfits whose dialogues were written by Miller.

Marilyn and Montand

Apart from movies she decided to be a part of 1960 Democratic National Convention and for that reason she donated $3000 to back up the upcoming star of the party, The then senator from Massachusetts John F. Kennedy. The backstory of this donation is however linked to the intimate affair that started 3 years back when Kennedy’s sister had called her for a party. Marilyn was seated at a booth right next to John F Kennedy, allegedly snuggling with him while he caressed her. After this outing, Marilyn was next seen with Kennedy at the Los Angeles Coliseum on the July 15, listening to his rousing acceptance speech as the official presidential candidate for the democratic party. Marilyn attended another after party following this iconic event where rumors circulate that she skinny dipped with the presidential candidate.

While getting busy with the convention her movie Misfit went through a rough start. Her co star Clark Gable was fed up of her lack of professionalism and commented that she is going to give me a heart attack. Strangely enough he died of a heart attack after they had finished the movie. Their movie didn’t work well and so did her marriage. Miller divorced her following the failure of the movie. On Miller she commented that he may be a good writer, but he was a bad husband. For many reasons now her life became a wreck and she was made to move to an institution by her doctors. She was admitted in a psych ward under a fake Miss Faye Miller. After coming to the ward, she realized it was no fun. She was monitored around the clock and had minimum things for her use.  She felt like being in a prison and could hear the shrieks of her fellow mates in her room. This event traumatized her every day. She began to feel trapped and it is said that she got so desperate that she stripped her clothes and screamed at the top of her lungs to release her from there.

She used many tactics to get her out of the ward. She played tricks on the ward boys and even begged but nothing worked. She then gave a call to her ex husband Joe, who proved to be her lifeguard. Joe came at once to her rescue. On his guarantee she was released from the hospital. However sweet this act of love may be but now she depended a lot more on Joe than before. As rocky as their marriage together had been, right when she needed him the most Joe was there to comfort and protect her.

After the romance that was rekindled by Joe’s appearance to her life, things started going rough again. The reason behind it was the same as before: Her carelessness, this time with money. She never checked the bills and her staff was not very loyal in regards of her finances. When Joe found out all this, he tried to warn her time and again, but Marilyn would shut him up by referring that it was her money and none of his business. Another reason became her contacts with her old lovers. She started receiving gifts form her old friends on account of her recovery which were not deemed good as per Joe. He knew the intentions, but Marilyn wouldn’t listen. Her response would be:

Its none of your business Joe. You and I are no longer married. I don’t have to answer you.

His heroic efforts of saving her from the psychiatric ward were wasted when he realized that she could never be exclusively his. In June 1961 out of spite against Joe she moved in with her old friend Frank. With Frank however she moved in temporarily, but she got access to a lot of alcohol and she overstayed. She drank her way into the new year which would be her last. In 1962 she was working in the film Something’s Got to Give, which never got completed. On May 19th she went on stage at Madison square and sang Happy birthday Mr. President. It is believed that the president abruptly cut off contact with Marilyn after that stunt of hers. With all this trouble in her professional and personal life Marilyn was found dead on August 5th,1962. Due to the empty pill bottle and the toxicology test that ensued, her death was ruled an overdose and probable suicide. Some say the Kennedys had her killed because she could have caused problems but, if we walk in her shoes and see her troubled history, the suicide could be easily contemplated.

She became larger than life to finally wrap up to a tragic end. Even after 58 years of her sad demise her work remains exceptional, inspiring many and her life a lesson remembered by many.

Hope you enjoyed reading the story of one of the most popular sex symbols of the 50’s. To know more about this Braveheart, go through Marilyn Monroe-biography. Happy Reading!!!

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