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Please go through Part I, II before reading Part III for better understanding. Her marriage to Joe seemed lucky for her. Just after getting married Fox Century lifted her suspension and asked her to return to work. However, Joe was upset because of the sultry role she was presented by the director. He in clear terms refused to let her resume the contract by stating that his wife would not run around” half naked” portraying a “woman of easy virtue.”

Marilyn and Joe

Who wouldn’t enjoy a caring protective husband.? Joe’s such behavior was at first adored by Marilyn and she denied the role stating that she doesn’t want to repeat the same type of roles. However, it wasn’t long before Marilyn started to become a bit too stifled under Joe’s protection. Joe and Marilyn were to go to Japan for rest of their honeymoon, but they were intercepted by a military general. He stated that: Korean war had just ended, and American entertainers were requested to perform for the tired soldiers. To which Joe replied that he has some other plans. The general corrected the baseball star and told him that he was asking his wife. Joe’s ego was crushed at this reception. He understood that her fame is far more than his. On general’s request Marilyn went to Asia. It is said that in Japan’s local media Joe was referred as Mr. Marilyn Monroe. Later Marilyn went alone to South Korea for her performance. She performed on ten different occasions to about 60,000 troops of all different ranks and branches of services.

It was here she realized that she wanted to be loved and entertainment is what she is made for. She said on record that “This is the best thing that ever happened to me “.The love she received back in South Korea made her restless and she decided to take up work again. She landed in a lead role in the musical “There’s No business-like show business”. On the other hand, Joe being a conservative person didn’t like her Hollywood lifestyle. He resorted to heavy drinking while she got busy with her new projects. There is a very famous incident where Marilyn had to shoot a scene on Lexington avenue in New York City, on Sept 15. In this scene she was placed standing on a subway grate in a white dress as an updraft in the vent blows her skirt up in the air for all to see. A lustful audience gathered around her during this scene. Joe was at a nearby bar when a friend told him that Marilyn was around shooting for a scene. Joe went up to the avenue to find his wife exposing her panties to a leering crowd of men. He could hear the crowd shouting “Take it off” and “Let’s see more”. He went back to the bar with death like expressions on his face. He lamented his angst by drinking heavily. He couldn’t believe his eyes to witness Marilyn strip teasing in the middle of the Avenue.

It is said that Marilyn came to set next day with bruises all over. She had told her staff that she was beaten several times by her husband. Her Love life with Joe was quite short lived and they got divorced in just a year. After her divorce she started studying under prestigious directors one such director was Lee Strasberg and his wife Paula. Marilyn became too close to them. She also met Arthur Miller, author of Death of a Salesman. Arthur was a married man and a father when he met Marilyn but that didn’t stop him from having an affair with her. Arthur was said to be a communist and was under FBI surveillance for the same reason.The more Marilyn involved herself with Arthur the more FBI got involved with her. In 1956 she acted in a film called The Bus Stop. She tried to be more real and used a lot less makeup while shooting. Her looks were criticized but her performance was nominated for Golden Globe. Arthur on the contrary was denied a passport due to his production’s movie targeted on cold war anti-communist hysteria. Marilyn stood by him throughout and even converted to Judaism to show her commitment.

Marilyn self-produced a film The Prince and the Showgirl in 1957 opposite Sir Laurence Olivier. Olivier and Marilyn didn’t get along. Also, Olivier’s wife Vivien was against Olivier’s working with Marilyn. She openly gave interviews against Marilyn saying that she is only famous for Two things and its pretty obvious what they are. Also, the reviews in media about her were mix. During this time, she began to show symptoms of a dangerous addiction to alcohol and sleeping pills. She suffered from Insomnia and would often take handful of pills chased with shots of vodka just to get some rest. Arthur claimed that she was provided with drugs by Paula. Marilyn was devastated when one day she saw Arthurs personal diary. He had referred to her as an “out of control child woman with endless emotional demands” He had claimed that being with her was killing his creativity as a writer. From calling her a inspiration to thinking of her as a problem Arthur has obviously changed and so had Marilyn.

Wait up for the Last Part. Happy reading!!!


  1. My goodness what a emotive; evocative piece chapters 1,2&3 brilliant take and shows the abuse she sadly endured; yet her smiles then hid and masked all she endured
    Thanks for this piece I loved her films but will watch with this article in mind super grateful you wrote these chapters thank you 🙏

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