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Please read Part I of the blog to catch hold of the story. Soon after getting her first contract with 20th century Fox, Marilyn served her husband with divorce papers. She clearly told him that she can no longer be a housewife. In the early days of her career she was given very minute parts like her role in Scudda Hoo Scudda Hay in 1947. Her hopes were shattered a little more when Fox decided not to continue the contract with her. She was determined and soon landed with a six-month contract with Columbia Pictures. Here she worked on a low budget musical called: Ladies of the chorus. She started doing advertisements to get some money. Desperate to survive she agreed to pose Nude for pictures. The photographer Tom Kelley had told her that these photos were for a calendar shoot and reluctantly she just agreed. For her it was a source to pay her rent but she didn’t foresee the shadow that these pictures could cast in her coming bright career.

Later she got small roles in movies and she didn’t have to pose nude for calendars. She played a Gangsters Girlfriend in 1950’s Asphalt; character of Miss Caswell in All about Eve and so on. Her success in such role again brought her to 20th century Fox and this time for a contract of 7 years. In 1951 she presented the 23rd Academy Awards after which she rose to fame. She got many supporting roles in films such as Hometown Story, As Young as you Feel, Love nest, and let’s make it Legal. It got her many fans. It is said that by the end of 1951 she received thousands of letters every single week.

For Marilyn 1952 had a great start. She played an abusive babysitter in a low budget movie, but her performance is widely viewed as one of her best. After she finished Don’t Bother to Knock, Marilyn was introduced to famed baseball player Joe DiMaggio. Because of her good work in Don’t Bother to Knock she landed up in another movie Niagara in 1953.In this movie too she played the role of yet another mentally disturbed woman. This was Marilyn’s first big budget movie and she had her expectations high. But in December 1953, a man named Hugh Hefner purchased the nudes of Marilyn and published in a magazine called Playboy. This created a publicity crisis for the rising starlet beyond the control of her media handlers. Against the wished of 20th Century Fox She followed the policy of truth and openly accepted her role in the photos. The drama soon blew over and added up to her popularity. The following year she would star in a blockbuster film Gentlemen prefer Blondes which worked to cement her infamous characterization as a blonde bombshell. She played the character of a gold digger in the movie. Remember the famous song “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Her constant image as a low IQ blonde girl began to flounder and Fox decided to launch her again in low budget movies. Unable to get her response, they suspended her contract on Jan 4,1954. Unbothered with all this Marilyn was busy preparing her wedding with her long-time boyfriend Joe DiMaggio. Joe was a Roman Catholic and since he was not yet divorced from her previous wife, the priest was against his remarrying. He even told Joe that he would be excommunicated from the church.

Joe didn’t care for it. It is believed that he said that he won’t give up on his marriage at any cost. They got married in a private civil ceremony on January 14th, 1954.

One reporter asked Marilyn “What do you want out of this marriage?”

At which she responded “I have got what I wanted. I’ve got Joe.”

Marilyn Monroe

The story will be continue in the third part. Happy Reading:)


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