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I hope you have gone through the last two parts of A GREAT POLITICIAN AHEAD OF TIME. By now we know how Bindusara was born. After having his son and few glorious years of rule, Chandragupta decided to renounce his kingdom and become a Jain ascetic. He went to South India with his teacher Bhadrabhau, Leaving the kingdom to Chanakya to serve as the Prime Minister under his young son Bindusara. The court However was full of haters and one such personality was Subhandu. He wanted to exploit the state treasures by being the Prime minister but because of Chanakya he was not able to do so. He started using Bindusara by telling him, How because of Chanakya his mother died. Bindusara being a child was easily influenced and he removed Chanakya from his position. It is said that later Bindusara realized his mistake and took Chanakya back. There are many plots to the death of Chanakya. One of the views is: after being thrown out of the court Chanakya went to the forest with the Jain munis to meditate, where Subhandu deceptively killed him. Chanakya had announced that he had a hidden stone in his room that nobody can see except him. He claimed that the stone could turn anything to Gold. Since Subhandu was a greedy man, after murdering Chanakya, he himself rushed to his room to get the stone. As soon as he opened the small box a very poisonous gas got released killing Subhandu and all his men. This way the astute sage took his revenge. There are other views too that Chanakya left the court and he starved himself to death to attain moksha. Anyway, Chanakya died around 283 B.C. leaving behind his teaching for us to adopt for a pragmatic life:

Comparing a snake and a wicked person, Chanakya says that a snake bite is an unfortunate event, However, a wicked person will betray you at every step and unnecessarily hurt you. Therefore, if given a choice between the two, choose the snake without hesitation.

Persons who are vigorous or hard working do not face poverty; persons dedicated in praying are sinless; silence doesn’t lead to arguments, rather creates a peaceful atmosphere. Similarly, a person, who is careful, alert and aware, will be fearless and no one can harm him.

Chanakya says that excess of anything is harmful. According to him, Sita was kidnapped by Ravan because she was too beautiful. Having excessive arrogance and ego caused the great scholar Ravan’s death. On account of his excessive generosity, the demon king Bali lost everything; so, without any doubt excesses lead to the end of a man. Avoid it.

Stressing on the need to act in life, Chanakya says that your age, activities, wealth, education and death are decided when you are still in your mother’s womb. These five things are controlled by God; nobody can alter them. Yet man should keep making efforts.

Sage Vashishtha had a cow named Kamdhenu, who could fulfill all his desires immediately. Chanakya has compared education to Kamdhenu. He says that like a person possessing Kamdhenu will never die of hunger, similarly, after attaining education, a man becomes capable to face any crisis. In a foreign place, education is like your mother, who will protect you at every step. Education is a hidden treasure, which no one can steal; on the contrary, the more you use it, the more it develops.

Chanakya says that to test the purity of gold, it is heated at high temperature; it is tapped, hammered and cut. That gives it glitter. Similarly, an honest person is tested for purity by his acts of donation, good deeds, virtuosity, sacrifice and behavior. Any person, who possesses all the qualities, glitters like gold.

Despite having so many relations, friends, wife, son etc. in this world, a man is basically alone. He is born alone and must depart alone from this world. He alone must bear the consequences of all his good and bad deeds. He has no partner in this. Happiness and sorrow are only his; they will affect him only. He must travel towards heaven alone.

Explaining the power of truth, through this shloka, Chanakya says that the foundation of a Brahmin’s spirit/soul is truth. This world is surviving on truth alone.

The stork has the quality of concentration and patience. In this shloka, Chanakya has suggested imbibing this quality. He says that like the stork focuses patiently sites sights on its prey and expels all other thoughts from his mind, an intelligent and wise person should control all his senses, focus and complete his work. This will ensure hundred per cent success.

These are few of many great teachings of Chanakya that could be provided in these blogs. Read through the book Chanakyaneeti and try remembering and using these teachings to make your life better each day. Happy Reading!!!


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