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I hope by now you have read Part I of A great politician ahead of time and you know how Chanakya managed to help Chandragupta become the King. There is very famous example of Chanakya’s stern policies. It is said that Chandragupta was always the target of the rulers of Nanda clan and one of the famous strategies of the Nandas was to deceive and poison their enemy’s food. To make Chandragupta immune of this strategy Chanakya started mixing little amount of poison in his food daily. According to him it prepared the immunity of Chandragupta for any such attack in future. However, Chandragupta had no idea of it, until one day when, while having breakfast, his pregnant wife came and started having the same food. Her body couldn’t take the poison and after eating only a few bites she fell to the floor. She was at once attended by Chanakya himself. Unfortunately, she died but Chanakya was able to save the child who came to be known as Bindusara. Let’s Go ahead and learn some more of Chanakya’s tactics:

People, who stray from their planned and feasible tasks and jump to unplanned and unachievable task, never succeed. They should, therefore, attempt only those tasks, which they are confident of achieving. Even an ugly woman of upper caste is more suited for a scholar and an intelligent person. They should, therefore, marry an upper cast woman of equal status. Contrarily, marrying a beautiful woman of lower caste results in destruction of intellect and wisdom. Such relations are temporary, and scholars should avoid them.

Sharp clawed beasts, long horned animals, rapidly flowing rivers, armed persons, woman, and relations of royalty are not trustworthy. In other words, they can deceive any time. People should not trust them.

According to Chanakya if it is possible to extract nectar from poison, then it should be consumed without any hesitation. Similarly, you must accept gold extracted from impure metals, learning from a common man and a cultured woman from low caste without delay.

About woman, Chanakya says that, as compared to men, there diet as twice as much, modesty is four times, courage is six times and desire for sex is eight times.

Chapter 2

Chanakya says being able to afford and eat delicacies, a woman having beauty and sexual prowess, someone having huge wealth as well as the spirit of charity, are rare virtues only obtained as a result of devotional prayers or the good deeds of the previous worth.

Any person, whose son is obedient, wife is loyal well mannered and if fully satisfied with his hard-earned income, enjoys the bliss of heaven in his lifetime. In other words, he is extremely satisfied and happy.

Like most fruits which look good from outside are not sweet, similarly, people who talk sweet can be dangerous and untrustworthy. People, who flatter on your face and criticize behind your back, are not fit to be friends they are like poison in milk. One should always be cautious of them and get rid of them at the earliest. Although, according to Chanakya one should not trust a mean friend, he has suggested being Wary of good and well-meaning friend also. In this context, he says that in case the well-meaning friend turns enemy, then because he is aware of your personal secrets, he can cause damage to you.

While planning out or implementing any desired work if you disclose it successful conclusion becomes doubtful so, take care not to disclose it to any one till its successful conclusion.

Ignorance is not only painful, but man is also subjected to mockery on account of it, adolescence can also cause extreme pain. But, according to Chanakya, being dependent on someone is most painful. Such a person can be compared to an animal. He must act on someone else’s order. So, man should live life with strength.

Knowledgeable persons can eliminate ignorance through their knowledge, so they must build the character of their children. Chanakya appreciates a talented person and says like you automatically bow your head in respect when you see a religious place similarly, talented people by becoming symbol of knowledge and belief find a place in the hearts of people.

Foolish and ignorant people are subjected to mocking. Amongst the learned people, their condition is like that of a crow amongst swans. He is neither able to express his ideas nor he can accept idea of wisdom for others. For this reason, Chanakya says that those parents, who do not arrange for proper education of children are their worst enemies.

There are many more sayings from ChanakyaNeeti that will be posted in upcoming blogs. Happy Reading!!!


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